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Lal Kitab Expert - Indian astrologer Jagjit - predictions and calculations

Horoscope or Birth List is formulated basing impact of all houses, planets, nakshatras and known as unknown powers, which thoughts are of nine planets, twelve signs and their affects are involved. This only settles all accounts of life of and individual. Horoscope has very important place in astrology. A person can know about all important events of his complete life, which has been made convenient through “Lal Kitab”.

It is the principle of Lal Kitab that impact of acts cannot be vanished, however, it is accepted that their impact can be lowered/decrease through some confirmed remedies.
“There is a medicine for every ailment in Lal Kitab but not of death, affairs or life are accounted for, but it is not a spiritual magic”.

Lal Kitab has been written in Arbi and Urdu as well. In this auspicious book, countless remedies have been enumerated to extend peace and coordination in houses and to make adverse in positive, adopting which a common man can also be fortunate.

Sign existing in the sky, at the time of birth of a child’s is named as lagan or birth horoscope. That is called first house of horoscope. Lal Kitab has its own principles to observe horoscope. Relying on these principles, a person reads his horoscope effectively, but in order to solve complication in horoscope, a person must have a knowledge of astrology. It is to be considered in Lal Kitab that in one particular year, plants Rahu and Ketu will not remain in seventh place against each other but can also enter in surrounding houses well. Like wise, Venus and mercury, which remain around Sun, can also be at a far of distance from Sun as per Varshphal of Lal Kitab.

Lal Kitab

lal Kitab

Lal Kitab


Place of planets in horoscope remain as under:
Sun (Lord Vishnu)
Moon (Lakshmi, Shiv)
Mangal (Hanuman ji)
Mercury (Durga ma)
Jupiter (Bramha ji)
Venus (Lakshmi)
Saturn (Bharev Ji)
Rahu (Saraswati ji) and
Ketu is sign of (Ganesh ji)

While considering plants in Lal Kitab, the planet placed in sixth, eighth and twelfth house, are treated as weak planets. A planet, if is housed by another powerful or adverse planet, then same become a weak planet and it become incapable to give positive result in its own house.

Where a planet is placed in exalted place in own house or is placed in center, triangle point, same is called exalted planet. For example, ‘Sun of Mesh’, ‘Tauras Ka moon’, ‘Mithun ka rahu’, Kark ka Jupiter, Kanya ka budh, Tula ka Shani, Dhanu ka ketu, maker ka mangal and min ka shukar.


It is a hard fact of astrology and principle of nature as well.
Profit – loss – fame – defame life-death, all in the hand of nature.
Who is guarded by god, who can kill him.
Medicine-good luck is a reward of God.

9-Planets-12 Zodiacs, 12x9=108

‘Lal Kitab’, a unique book, does not require any introduction is present’s time. It has got fame through simple and learned persons in the study of astrology. In view of remedies explained for most difficult and complicated problems, it has got honour from the public in general.

‘Lal Kitab’ guides as to how it is to be implemented in astrology. Like, when an arm of person is fractured and due to paucity of skin, the doctors does the grafting by taking skin from thigh, in same manner one bad planet is made good by taking assistance of better planet.

Planets are being pacified through ‘Lal Kitab’. For example, on putting a bucket of water on burning coal, the water will pacify coal’s heat and it itself does not get hot and the coal will be cool. Planets are also like a burning coal, accordingly, by _____ (Bahane) affect concerning one particular planet, we pacify adverse impact of said particular planet, this is what so has been described in ‘Lal Kitab’.

Though ‘Lal Kitab’, we place planets at their best position/place and/or, their bad impact is pacified, for a particular year. Like, dead rat gives foul smell and in order to remove that smell, we either bury said rat in earth or throw it out of house. Accordingly we by burying articles of a particular bad planet, reduce their bad impact. These all simple remedies are found in ‘Lal Kitab’.

Particular placement of planets can be taken to advantage in ‘Lal Kitab’, for example, a bank clerk while working on computer, will release money as per computer, and in case you require money, he recommends your case to Bank Manager to facilitate release of loan, so as to solve your financial need. This is called manipulation. Benefit can be availed of particular placement of various planets.

Muni Vashisth has been known as very renowned rishi. He has announced time for Ram Tilak, however, God Rama had to go for Banvas. On this, it was said that eventualities, gain, loss, life, death, they all are based on luck. Accordingly, if rain is to come, than it will rain, no one can stop it but we can take umbrella to save ourselves, so we may not be wet. Remedies are extended and work like umbrella as has been explained in ‘Lal Kitab’.

To assess Lower Mars and Upper mars, we make reference to palm. As per the mandate of Lal Kitab, there are two Mars, namely a malefic or bad Mars and secondly a benefic or a kind of good Mars. This is the significant feature of astrology of Lal Kitab. These both Mars have their own properties.

Lal Kitab contains features of blind of sleeping planets and blind or sleeping houses. The planets are linked with some of the houses and directly influence the results/effect of those houses. As per the principles of Lal Kitab, if in the aspecting house aspecting planets is absent, the aspecting planet is called a blind planet in the aspected house and the aspecting planet is known as a blind planet in himself. It is significant to state that influence of a planet in never the similar in all houses.

Ailment can be treated, however, there is no remedy to stop death. It is a mandate of nature/God and not a world’s routine.

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Horoscope or Birth List is formulated basing impact of all houses, _________ and known as unknown powers, which thoughts are of new houses, twelve signs and their affects are involved. This only settles all accounts of life of and individual. Horoscope has very important place in astrology. A person can know about all important events of his complete life, which has been made convenient through “Lal Kitab”.
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