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Ancient Books and Shastras authored by famous writers extend guidance to an Astrologer to predict the past, present and future of a person while reading his horoscope. There being different ancient books and shastras, numerous ways to study and to predict a horoscope have been provided. Prediction made by one Astrologer in respect of planet of one person while studying his correct horoscope may differ from the prediction made by another Astrologer. Difference in study/result while reading one’s horoscope cannot be said to be a wrong study or in-expertisation but is an opinion and particular way of study of one’s horoscope.

Basing this opinion in mind, I Jagjit Singh have been expertised studying horoscopes, however, while giving prediction on one’s horoscope, I will not be made liable for any prediction may be given by me, if the same differs with the prediction given by another Astrologer or study or literature as all studies and literatures are based on their own themes and there bound to be no similarities. As all the books and literatures and shastras have their own roots, foundations and studies, they give different meaning while studying one particular planet, accordingly, my predictions while reading horoscope can differ in many ways but it is assured that all answers/predictions will be based on facts and reasons.

I will not be responsible for any prediction made on any incorrect date, time or place of one’s person, correct time and place being vital essence of correct study prediction

I undertake that horoscope details, prediction thereon of one particular person will not be disclosed to any other person, said prediction to one particular person being a privileged communication. I may add that the remedy so stated to one particular person vis-à-vis his planets in horoscope may be adopted in other’s horoscope as well, there being similarity in the planets or existence of similar remedy to two different planets.

Advice or content may or may not influence your decisions and/or behaviour. You agree that by accessing Astro Analysis you take full responsibility for any and all consequences acted upon in utilising the information provided within our site. stands no warranties and is not liable to be held responsible for any predictions, opinion and remedy suggested vide opinions, predictions or e-commerce products displayed in the website and its viability. It is to be noted that astrologer and the website owner be treated as one and the same entity, whether mentioned/referred partially or otherwise in the above and below mentioned notes.

Recommended Homam-mantra, yantra, Gem Stones and other astrological remedies are made in good faith and or the owner of the website makes no warranty that the website and services offered through same will meet your requirements or that the course of the services offered would be uninterrupted, timely, secure or error free nor does the owner make any warranty as to the results obtained from the usage of the service taken.  

Consultation advised to the clients, your compliance to those suggestions and participations in the remedial measures therein, is solely at your own risk. No advice or information whether oral or written obtained by you, through the website or directly from the owner of the website shall create any warranty not expressly made herein. or owner makes no warranty regarding any goods, services, contents, consultations offered, products purchased, or obtained through the website or the owner, or any transactions through the website or the owner as there is no refund policy.   


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What will year 2012-13 bring for you? Will you succed in your ventures? Will your life be smooth or in troubled waters? Are you going to travel?
Varshfal predicts the year ahead for you

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Lal Kitab Ask a question Life Predictions with or without horoscope Puja, Prayers and sacred mantras  
Horoscope or Birth List is formulated basing impact of all houses, _________ and known as unknown powers, which thoughts are of new houses, twelve signs and their affects are involved. This only settles all accounts of life of and individual. Horoscope has very important place in astrology. A person can know about all important events of his complete life, which has been made convenient through “Lal Kitab”.
Faculty of Astrology plays a vital role in the life of all human beings.  No one is untouched and immune from its impact.  Different faces of life of a person are comprises of good and bad time which are warranted.  As to what is good and bad time is dependant upon the planets existing in the life of a person.  In a bad time, a person being affected by social norms, approaches an Astrologer so as to have the remedies to decrease/lower the impact of bad time/planets....
Puja is our dedication towards God. Act of puja always satisfy man’s internal power. It’s an act of showing reverence to a god. God is supreme power and man can have blessing of God by making spiritual connection with the God through puja, which can be, through invocations, prayers, songs and rituals. Its possible to reduce suffering due to unfavourable position of planets through sincere reliance on...
Lucky Gems and Stones for you Horoscope Matching for best compatibility Yantras for betterment of life  
To prescribe gemstone is a very delicate procedure. It always depends largely on the keen observation and intuition. It is a scientific study and always according to the stars. The stone must match the qualities of a person. We must find out which gem will boost the wearer’s luck and prosperity and...
We belong to Hindu mythology and in Hindu society, horoscope matching and kundali matching is very deep and intensely rooted. Match making is required to insure a harmonies, balanced & healthy marriage relationships. Only a perfect astrologer can analyze the horoscope of boy and girl...
Yantra means a “Kawach” or “instrument” or “talisman” originated and invented which is created and prepared by a qualified person as well as utilized under his special instruction for fruitful results.

We may consider Yantra as allopathic medicine...

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